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Written by Hunters

“The old man and the sea” narrates an epic adventure of an old, experienced fisherman, Santiago, struggling with a magnificent marlin. The short-story has made me overwhelmed not only by the message about life but also the connection between Human and Nature.

First of all, the theme of story evokes the smell and atmosphere of a wealthy harbor where people lean on the sea to live. That circumstance emphasizes profoundly the picture of a loser – the fisherman who is betrayed by the sea, he earned nothing for 84 days. I wonder how he could suffer through such a long time and how patient he was. I suppose that he must have a strong belief in his fate that imposes on his persistence. And I also appreciate the boy who is a vigorous, supportive fellow.

Second, the eighty-five-day sailing on the sea reveals his proficiency. He senses the wind direction, the flow of current and follows the stars at night – the sea has taught him these lessons. Plus, I am also extremely touched with his loneliness while sailing over the sea. I find that when confronting challenges, we are quite alone and that we have to face and deal with solitude, sometimes enjoy it rather than endure.

Third, the desire to subdue his opponent saves his life and brings him the glory. Despite his homage towards Nature, he is spurred by his pride to defeat the marlin, properly for he is a part of Nature too. From my perspective, I am astonished by this ambition of human to overpower the Nature while I am afraid of that power.

My little confusion is that to where our pride can drive us, human? And how much pride is enough? There are some red lines where we should never cross. Because dominating the nature means destroying it too, such as the confession of the fisherman after he defeated the fish, “If you love him, it is not a sin to kill him. Or is it more?”.

Does Nature embraces us or vice versa, do we take control of it thanks to our intelligence?

I only intend to discuss the one tenth of the iceberg which is above the water without mentioning the symbols in this story. I believe over the time, the coming answers will let me dig deeper.

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